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The Mindsprings Practice Space is your place online to experience yoga, meditation, shiatsu and more.

Daniel, Alistair and the MSPS Community  are delighted you’re here!

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  • live 90′ Zoom meditation and teaching sessions with Alistair three times a week

  • live 90′ Zoom yoga instruction from Daniel 3x a week

  • full access to a massive library of downloadable teaching, yoga and guided meditation, Q&As

  • groups and guest teachers exploring self-shiatsu, Yin yoga, mindfulness, energy psychology and more

  • being part of the friendly and supportive community of Mindsprings Practice Space folk

You can sign up for FREE and make donations after the classes you attend


Support us with  a MONTHLY DONATION,  where you set your own donation amount. 

Both options give you the SAME LEVEL OF ACCESS to the site. 

Supporting Member - No Monthly Commitment

This is our open subscription option.

There is no monthly fee, however we would invite you to make donations for the classes you attend. Each teacher has their own donation option so be sure to donate to the teacher you wish to practice with.

We would like to make this community accessible to all and finances =should not be a barrier to these wonderful teachings.

However we do need to make this a sustainable community so please do give what you can.

Supporting Member - Pick Your Own Monthly Donation.

You decide how much you want to contribute each month.

This covers your classes with either Alistair or Daniel. The other teachers collect donations via their own PayPal portals. Information on how to do this will be on their pages.

We would love to make this a lasting venture so a monthly subscription allows us to continue to offer the classes we love.

When you select this option you can decide on the next screen the level of monthly donation you can afford.

We look forward to practicing with you.



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