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The Mindsprings Practice Space is your place online to experience yoga, meditation, shiatsu and more.

Daniel, Alistair and the MSPS Community  are delighted you’re here!

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  • live 90′ Zoom meditation and teaching sessions with Alistair three times a week

  • live 90′ Zoom yoga instruction from Daniel 3x a week

  • full access to a massive library of downloadable teaching, yoga and guided meditation, Q&As

  • groups and guest teachers exploring self-shiatsu, Yin yoga, mindfulness, energy psychology and more

  • being part of the friendly and supportive community of Mindsprings Practice Space folk

You can sign up for FREE and make donations after the classes you attend


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We would love you to come and visit the Practice Space for free as much as possible! Join Alistair and Daniel's classes. Visit the other guest teachers. Become part of the community. If you feel inspired, please donate when you can.

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By making a regular donation each month you will help defray the costs of running the Practice Space and support Alistair and Daniel as teachers. Guests teachers may ask for separate donations  - so please factor that it when you pick your monthly amount.


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