Any supporting member can start a group.

As a rough guide you might like to float your idea for a group on the noticeboard.

“I find the pranayama practices really powerful and mind-body-boggling. Would anyone feel inspired to get together and go deeper into them?”

See who responds.

Once there’s enough interest then set up your group!

“Breathing into things. A pranayama study group. Every week for 6 weeks!”

You’ll need at least one person who is happy to host it.

They will need a Zoom room and inspiration. That’s all.

Set up a time and date. And how often you’re going to meet.

Go to the Group tab and click ‘Create a Group’

Give it a name and add your ‘mission statement’.

Decide if it’s a public, private or hidden group. And who gets to invite people.

Then see if you want a forum. (Of course you want a forum!)

Add a nice picture for the profile, decide who can create albums, and add a cover photo. Bright and inspiring please!

Select the members you want to invite.

Press send and start practising together!

We’re not going to police the groups. So please make sure you are working within the
community guidelines.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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