Daniel and Alistair created this site as a hub for the Mindsprings Practice Space community that grew up out of the Corona Comfort sessions in 2020.

It’s a space which encourages somatic practice in yoga, meditation or other disciplines. And we want our practice to benefit not just us but all sentient beings.

Many of you are teachers, practitioners in varied fields. Some of you are naturally wise or curious. Some have studied with great teachers and everyone has a variety of different skills and interests. And so we would like you to weave your wisdom and knowledge into this community.

The basic rules of good online behaviour pertain here:


  1. kind and considerate speech and posting
  2. tolerance and curiosity about others beliefs and views
  3. respect for people’s time and timelines
  4. acknowledgement where texts, links and pictures come from
  5. brevity and concision where possible
  6. a willingness to pitch in and make suggestions not just criticisms
  7. people may share personal experiences – respect confidentiality please.

More than ever we want this space to be a bustling, self-organising hive of mutually inspiring activity.

Please don’t wait for others to start the group you are interested in. Start it yourself.

Please don’t be bashful with a question. Or timid with an inspiration. Post it on the timeline or noticeboard. Let others hear it, answer it, delight in it.

It is a constantly evolving, constantly improving site.

Please join the “Founders” group to participate in its development.



We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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