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Meditation. Yoga. Togetherness.

Welcome to the Mindsprings Practice Space… our community hub.

We started in the lockdown but now we are now a thriving collective of meditators, yogis and bodyworkers all across the planet!

Here’s what the website offers:

Watch teachings from Alistair, Daniel and guest teachers in our practice library

Get the login codes and schedule for the free  Zoom live sessions

set up your profile and let others know what you do and what you’re interested in

See what’s happening and share events you run on our interactivecalendar

Find people to collaborate with on the noticeboard. And set up or join groups to study and practice together.

Stay connected and watch everything that’s going on here in your hub

Explore and enjoy!

We look forward to practicing with you.


Get the codes to join our daily zoom classes. Access a wealth video teaching in our practice library. Daniel & Alistair will be uploading 4 new classes each week. Stay up up date with our in-person and online events.


Join a study group or start your own. With community features that allow you to create your own practice and study hub. Share your passions and inspirations and invite others to delve into your subject. Together we learn.


We wanted to create a space that would bridge the gap and allow us to stay connected and engaged in our practicing community. Corona Virus opened us up to a new possibility for Sangha. This space is all of ours and will be shaped by the members of it.

Take a look around!

You need to sign up for a free account to explore. That will also give you access to the free live sessions and some of the video teaching.

OR…  support the community for as little as £10 a month and get full access to the library. You can start groups, stay in touch with other members  and publicise your events on the calendar.


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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